Ferris Fuego


Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept: Supernatural Trust Fund Baby
Trouble Aspect: What you don’t know can kill you.


1. Where Did You Come From?

Ferris was raised by a dedicated team of expert nannies, tutors, and developmental psychologists. He went to school, mostly for socialization, but received other education into esoteric arts, mythology, and other oddities. Ferris came to realize his family must have substantial family wealth. He grew up in south Florida, and seems to favor warm weather because of it. His upbringing emphasize understanding “Mortals” and manipulating them. He never understood his parents, and teachers, unusual terminology, but he did little to rail against it. Ferris has trouble making friends because he believes that everyone operates similarly: social encounters are simple problems where benefits need to be extracted with as little cost to oneself as possible. That being said, he can SEEM charming and pleasant, but it hides deep insecurities about his own self-worth.

His parents were absent and distant. They seemed to take an interest in him, but were far from nurturing. They said they had important business to attend to and traveled together and apart frequently.

Phase 1 Aspect: Unorthodox Homeschooling

2. What Shaped You?

On Ferris’ 18th birthday, his parents announced he been admitted to Georgetown in Washington, D.C. He had not yet even applied. Furthermore, they told him that on his true 19th birthday, he would begin receive his inheritance. No further elaboration was given.

Ferris has never had a chance to be on his own or take care of himself. He figures college is a great opportunity to try these things.

Phase 2 Aspect: First Time Alone In The World

3. What Was Your First Adventure?

Ferris went to a summer orientation session and met a girl, one Daisy Walker. She was carefree and friendly and defied Ferris’ social expectations. He found charming her wasn’t as simple as he had expected. They snuck out of their pre-frosh activities and went to a frat party. On the way home, elated and hopelessly in love, a pack of loup-garou accosted them. Ferris was mildly surprised that the girl did not recognize them for what they were, or the danger they represented, and quickly withdrew the proper tools to appear threatening and assumed the appropriate aggressive postures and they retreated.

Daisy Walker thanked him, but was gone the next day. His phone calls to her went to a line that no longer existed, his emails bounced, and he went into a depression until he received a letter.

It read:


I have not forgotten you. I will see you in our Freshmen Seminar: Man, Myth, & Modernity. Things have happened since that night, things that I am sure you will understand must be discussed in person."

Ferris understood all too well and counts down the days until college and his class with Daisy.

Phase 3 Aspect: “Why Did It Have To Be A Daisy?”
Phase 4 Aspect: The Right Tool For the Job
Phase 5 Aspect: The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

Ferris Fuego

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