Charity Davenport

White Court Virgin: Kidnapped White Court Baby



0 Superb (+5): ~
2 Great (+4): Fists, Empathy
2 Good (+3): Endurance, Contacts
3 Fair (+2): Presence, Discipline, Intimidation
5 Average (+1): Scholarship, Resources, Might, Investigation, Deceit

Stunts & Powers

Vampire Stuff:
Incite Emotion (Touch Only) [-1]
Emotional Vampire [-1]

Other Stuff:
Fists: Lethal Weapon (Weapon:2 for unarmored opponent, Weapon:1 vs Armor:1)
Empathy: Read The Surface (<1 min to read someone)


High Concept: Kidnapped White Court Baby
Trouble: Nobody’s Told Me What I Am
Phase 1 Aspect: I’m No Princess
Phase 2 Aspect: I’m No Extrovert, But I Love A Crowd
Phase 3 Aspect: Never Leave A Friend Behind
Phase 4 Aspect: Bad Dog, No Biscuit
Phase 5 Aspect: Trust, But Verify

1. Where Did You Come From?

The Truth:
Charity is the daughter of a White Court Vampire and a mortal man she fed upon. She was stolen from her crib as an infant and transported across the country to a couple who are members of the Xaverian Brothers. This Catholic group has plans to eradicate the White Court by saving their children. These foster parents are instructed to do everything they can to get the young child to fall in True Love and be saved from turning into a full White Court Vampire.

In Charity’s Words:
I grew up in Potomac, Maryland. My parents, Mark & June Davenport, are what you’d call pillars of the community. My father works in DC, for the government, but apparently is too cool to tell us what he does. He’s also a deacon at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church. My mother teaches 3rd grade at the Our Lady of Mercy School, where I attended from grades K-8.

My mother fed me on a steady diet of princess stories and movies, the kind in which the beautiful girl is swept off her feet by the handsome prince. Every Halloween, she would sew me a princess dress and convince the mom of one of my playmates to dress her son up as the corresponding prince. I loved the princess stories, but it was because I imagined myself as the prince.

I only mentioned this to my mother once, at age 7. This lead to a stern talk about how God designed Eve to be the partner of Adam and anything else was unholy and would send me to Hell in the proverbial handbasket. I learned quickly that I should keep these thoughts to myself.

I had my first “boyfriend” in 3rd grade. My mother’s class. She heard a rumor that he liked me, so she moved his desk into my pod. He was a cool friend, and I didn’t mind holding his hand once in a while, but I drew the line when he wanted to kiss me. I told him Jesus wanted us to wait until we were married. We “dated” for over a year, until he realized that Jesus told Maggie Springer he would forgive her for kissing.

My best friend is also my next door neighbor, Francesca Del Toro, daughter of Renaldo Del Toro, CEO of the electric company. Frankie & I even have the same birthday! To say that Frankie is beautiful is an understatement. Permanently tanned Italian skin, dark eyes, darker hair. The most adorable laugh accompanied by the perfect dimple on her right cheek. To say I love her is also an understatement. But I had to keep it a secret because she is even more serious about religion than my mother. Also, she’s madly in love with Quinn Grant, and he’s even more crazy for her.

I attended high school at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Olney, much to my chagrin. Francesca’s parents sent her to Holy Child. I assumed I’d be going to Holy Child. Unfortunately, my mother was convinced that I’d miss out on the “valuable experience” of dating if I went to an all-girls school. So off to Good Counsel I went, where Quinn set me up with guy friends of his so we could double-date with him and Francesca on weekends.

I picked the most religious and nerdy boy of Quinn’s friends, Victor Dross, who was happy to hold my hand and kiss my cheek and write me love sonnets while I feigned interest and edited his essays for History. I pinned the sonnets to the corkboard in my room, along with a picture Frankie had taken of Victor smooching my cheek. My mother? Thrilled, of course.

Aspect: I’m No Princess

2. What Shaped You?

My mother was even more thrilled when Victor and I were both accepted to Georgetown. (I was happier that Francesca got in and we were able to be roommates!) Frankie, being drop-dead gorgeous, was of course on the invite list to every frat party, and since Quinn was at Penn State (out of state, out of mind!), she’d doll me up and drag me to parties with her. I didn’t mind. ;-)

There’s something about frat parties that’s just… intoxicating. It’s not the alcohol. I never developed a taste for the stuff. But the sea of bodies undulating on the dance floor, the back room where newly-formed couples sneak off to fool around, it’s all… gosh, I wish I could explain it. I just feel more ALIVE when I’m there. And pretty sexy, too. Maybe it’s Frankie’s make-up, but it seems that after a few minutes at a party, everyone wants to dance with me. Guys, girls. Doesn’t matter.

My eyes are always on Frankie, though. With Quinn out of state, out of mind, she’s been pretty lonely and there are so many handsome upperclassmen. While she hates me for it at the time, she always thanks me the next morning for preventing her from slipping away to some frat boy’s dorm room.

Aspect: I’m No Extrovert, But I Love A Crowd

3. What Was Your First Adventure?

Story Title: One-Two Punch

When Frankie goes missing at a SigEp party, Charity will stop at nothing to find her before the night is out. But will Charity succeed when all the party-goers are hallucinating due to spiked punch and freaking out about seeing werewolves in the alley?

Aspect: Never Leave A Friend Behind

4. Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Story Title: Daisy

Whose story was this? Who else was in it? Ferris Fuego

Charity walks outside the frat house where she sees a couple running away from what look like werewolves. The girl is screaming in terror and the guy looks like he’s trying to pull some sort of weapon out of his coat.

I chase down the werewolves, call out the one who looks like the leader, and punch the snot out of it. Glad Mom paid for all those boxing lessons. I’m not sure what these werewolves are, but I don’t like them.

Aspect: Bad Dog, No Biscuit!

5. Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Story Title: Third Eye Blind

Whose story was this? Who else was in it? Jakob Wrozny, Lucas, Frankie

Lucas, having found and rescued Frankie and other (quite high) students, calls Charity and has her meet him at Jakob’s place. Jakob claims to have a potion that will cure them of their hallucinations, but all the high students are freaking out whenever he gets close to them. They’re eyeing me funny too, especially Frankie. I insist that the potion be fed to another student first and help administer it. When the student stops hallucinating, I give the potion to Frankie and the other students.

Aspect: Trust, But Verify

Charity Davenport

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