Lukas Himmel


Template: Need to discuss/verify but: Pure Mortal or Minor Talent or some variation on Emissary of Power
High Concept: Forsaken Ex-Warden
Trouble Aspect: First Cursed by Kemmler


1. Where did you come from?

Born in the German Empire in 1868 Lukas was witness to his countries entrance into the industrial revolution. His father started work in a steel mill. However he found he had a keen understanding of engineering and was able to advance into manufacturing. He brought his son, Lukas, in as an apprentice. Unfortunately this seemed to cause some issues as equipment seemed to have an increased chance of malfunctioning when Lukas was present. This attracted the attention of the local White Council warden. He offered Lukas’ parents to taken him on as an apprentice of another growing science, biology and chemistry. Something with less moving parts.

Aspect: Old country mentality

2. What shaped you?

Not only was he instructed in the life sciences but Lukas’ warden teacher also begun to instruct him in magic and the White Council. He felt a strange affinity to the Laws of Magic. He often thought of the childhood myths and legends and understood the dangers and dark temptations magic might hold for those who sought out its powers. He became a true believer in the White Council and its protection not only towards mortals but towards practitioners who might be tempted by dark forces. After being a student for a few short years he became the teacher. Instructing new council apprentices and a fuller understanding of the Laws of Magic. After all how can one be expected to to do the right things if they don’t understand what they are. This led him to be not only one who seeks knowledge but one who wishes to teach it to others.

Aspect: With knowledge comes power, with power comes responsibility.

3. What was your first adventure?

As a warden of the White Council Lukas encountered and sought out many dark practitioners. None was as dangerous as Heinrich Kemmler. As the knowledge of Kemmlers necromatic practices grew and his apprentices gathered power the White Council eventually had to go out in full force against Kemmler after the initial loss of wardens sent to deal with him. The skirmishes across Germany lasted for months Lukas was of impressive use with his knowledge of the German countryside. As the wardens fought with the monstrosities that Kemmler and his apprentices had brought to life magics blazed around Lukas as he broke through Kemmlers final wards with his blade. As Lukas pulled back his blade Kemmler glared at Lukas hissed out a death curse, “By your power, see the Outer Gates opened!” Then the blade removed Kemmlers head from his body.

The White Council was divided on what to do with Lukas. Kemmler was a powerful warlock and it was unknown if he could power a curse of such magnitude. If so, Lukas could now be a supreme danger to the world. If not, he could be the last victim of Kemmler if the White Council decided Lukas was such a danger. It was decided that he would suffer the Doom of Damocles. If he strayed even close to breaking a law of magic he would be executed by the council. Lukas offered an alternative, he would forsake his power so that he could not be the instrument of Kemmlers revenge on the world.

The council allowed this self imposed punishment. Several years later Kemmler reappeared. The council was unsure of what this would mean of the curse on Lukas. The issue seemed to be cut short when Lukas died in a fire fight during the first world war.

Two weeks later Lukas Himmel was found wandering naked in the German country side again the age of twenty-six. His excavated grave was empty. Again the council was concerned with the curse on Lukas. Was this some doing of Kemmler or had Lukas’ power been somehow corrupted to keep him alive. Either way, Lukas himself had not broken any laws of magic and could not be held accountable, but he would be monitored.

Aspect: Who wants to live forever?

4. Whose path have you crossed?: Charity Davenport

Lukas was sent to Washington to investigate some strange happenings by warden Lan Remmington. He took job at Georgetown University as a professor teaching the course Man, Myth, and Modernity. While exploring the campus of Georgetown he came across some students wandering around the campus high on Three Eye. One happened to be Charity Davenport’s friend Frankie, who had been exposed to the substance at a frat party. Lukas was able to quickly identify what was wrong and was able to get Frankie and the other exposed students help much to the appreciation of Charity and the other students.

Aspect: The cool professor.

5. Who else’s path have you crossed?: Ferris Fuego

Ferris Fuego was attempting to track down Daisy, realizing that she had been signed up for the same freshman seminar as he, Man, Myth, and Modernity, he contacted the professor, Lukas Himmel. Setting up a lunch with him at the local pizzaria, Pizza Paradiso, they sat down to talk. After professor Himmel verified that Ferris’ hormones weren’t going to get into the way of his studies he verified that Daisy would be attending the seminar.

Aspect: Those crazy kids.

Lukas Himmel

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